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As a professionally trained home inspector, I go into your future real estate investment and evaluate it to ensure that the house is functioning as intended. After my inspection, I will be able to educate you about the house which will allow you, the home buyer, to decide if the house is in fact something you want to invest your time and money into. I will be honest, professional, and prompt with my inspection. Then give you the facts about the real estate I have inspected in the form of an electronic report. I will always have the clients best interest in mind and their safety and security when I am conducting an inspection.

We Notice the Little Things

     Home Inspectors provide what I like to call a one stop shop. As a professional home inspector I will conduct a thorough visual inspection of the structure, roof, interior, and exterior as well as the plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling systems.
    Instead of paying to have a contractor, a structural engineer, a plumber, a roofer, an electrician, and a HVAC technician come out to the property, I come out to the home, spend a few hours inspecting the real estate, and report to you my findings with in 24-48 hours.
    My job is to educate you as to whether or not the house is functioning as intended. I will inform you of any defects, tell you what could happen if said defect isn’t corrected, and point you in the right direction on how to get it corrected.
    If there is nothing wrong with a specific part of the house, than there is no need to pay to have that professional come out and look at the real estate

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Our Services

New Buyer Home Inspection

Buying a Home?  Do you want to know more about the house you are purchasing?  If so, I come out to the house and inspect it so you have a better understanding of the house you are purchasing.

Sellers Inspection

Are you selling your home and want to be pro-active in the process or just want to avoid any surprises?  I can come out and do a full inspection of your house. This will allow you as the seller to repair anything that is found during the inspection.

Radon and Water Sample Collection

Wonder if there is radon hiding in your basement or under your concrete slab?  I can collect a radon sample and send the sample off to a lab.  Testing takes 3-7 days with results in 2-3 Business days after the test is complete

Wondering if your water if free of bacteria?  I can collect a water sample from the property, deliver it to a local lab and have results emailed with in 3-4 business days if not sooner.

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